A Multi-Layered Approach to RV Fire Protection

To afford you valuable time for a safe evacuation from your RV, prevent the devastating loss of possessions to fire, and avoid causing damage to the location—whether it’s in a national park, state park, RV park near a lake, your home, or during a storm system—H.O.F.S.S. stands as your reliable fire protection solution.

The current construction of RVs presents a potential risk, allowing fire to travel quickly. H.O.F.S.S. stands as a robust solution, introducing several layers of added protection to intercept and mitigate the spread of fire effectively.

RV Fire Protection
Step 1

Stop The Spread of Flames

The first line of defense focuses on halting the spread of flames. H.O.F.S.S acts swiftly to contain and restrict the fire’s reach, preventing it from engulfing larger areas.

Step 2

Reduce Heat Generation

H.O.F.S.S is designed to reduce the heat that causes fires to grow. By actively lowering the temperature in the affected area, it minimizes the fuel available for the fire to escalate.

Step 3

Limit Oxygen Supply

To curtail the expansion of flames, our system decreases the oxygen supply in the vicinity. This strategic reduction inhibits the fire’s ability to intensify.

Step 4

Create a Barrier Against Traveling Flames

H.O.F.S.S establishes a protective barrier that mitigates the fire from traveling further within the RV. This containment prevents the fire from spreading to other areas, mitigating potential damage.

Seamless Operation for Enhanced Safety: Activating H.O.F.S.S. in Emergencies

Discover the effortless operation of H.O.F.S.S. designed to prioritize simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that every family member can activate our fire suppression system during emergencies with ease.

Activation Process:

  • Protective Cover Removal: Begin by removing the protective cover, exposing the H.O.F.S.S. activation interface.
  • Cable Pulling: Activate H.O.F.S.S. by pulling one of the four strategically placed cables corresponding to the location of the fire. In critical situations, pulling all four cables initiates comprehensive activation.
  • Prompt Emergency Response: Following cable pulling, immediately call 911 for swift assistance and coordination with emergency services.

Additionally, the external placement of H.O.F.S.S. allows for activation by a passerby in case of an emergency. It’s important to emphasize that H.O.F.S.S. requires a deliberate pull of the cables for activation. In the event of a road accident where the cables are pulled, H.O.F.S.S. has the potential to activate, limiting the potential loss of life, property, and environmental damage caused by a fire. Your safety is our priority, and H.O.F.S.S. ensures an effortless yet effective solution for emergency situations.

Safeguarding Beyond Flames: The H.O.F.S.S Advantage

Why settle for a few hundred dollars to clean up dry chemical residue when H.O.F.S.S. offers comprehensive protection?

Avoid the potential loss of irreplaceable belongings, family members (human or pet), and the complexities of post-fire housing. With H.O.F.S.S., you’re safeguarded from out-of-pocket expenses for your RV, truck, cleanup, and damages overlooked by insurance.

Government cleanup costs, often not covered by insurance, become the responsibility of the party where the fire originated. This financial burden can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Choose H.O.F.S.S. for peace of mind—a proactive solution prioritizing safety and shielding you from potential financial liabilities. Experience the advantage—comprehensive protection for loved ones, property, and financial well-being.