No, we use fire protection materials and a spray to reduce the oxygen, fuel, and heat. Together these will reduce the spread of fire. Also, we place smoke detectors to offer early notification. 

It is an estimated 2-day process to complete. The first day would be the spray application which takes 12 hours to dry, the second day would be installing the fire protection materials.

The H.O.F.S.S. system is an enhancement to the potential buyer.

H.O.F.S.S. has a required inspection at least once a year to ensure the integrity of the system is not compromised.

Those who live full-time, travel for vacation, use a camper as a business, camp in local, state, or national parks, park in storage facilities, or residential land/yards.

Yes, H.O.F.S.S. has a list of nonprofits that are focused on fire safety and prevention for all ages and environments.